Esplanade Luxury Senior Living

As a family-owned and operated organization for more than fifty years, The Esplanade has always championed respect for the elderly and delivery of the quality care that they have rightfully earned.

The Esplanade in Manhattan is located in one of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods. West End Avenue, with its tree-lined sidewalks flanked by the finest examples of pre-war architecture in the city, is a most beautiful backdrop to Senior Living at The Esplanade Manhattan.

The first Scharf family senior residence was founded in 1950. It was built on the premise that seniors can continue to enjoy their lives even as it becomes difficult to live in their homes, yet are not in need of the skilled care of a nursing home. We like to think of our residences as a ‘new home’ where seniors can enjoy all the freedom of an independent lifestyle, with none of the worries that accompany household management. Propelled by a deep-rooted tradition of respect for the elderly, the Scharf family is committed to providing a safe and secure environment that fosters dignity for each and every resident.

Alexander Scharf opened the first Assisted Living Facility in Manhattan back in 1993. He owns and operates two affordable extended stay hotels in New York City. He also operated six independent Luxury Senior Residences. In one of these ventures, he restored Staten Island’s finest independent Senior Living Residence. Alexander owns and operates the Westminster Hotel in Livingston, New Jersey, which is one of a handful of Four Diamond rated hotels in Central New Jersey. He has also invested, built and managed over 3,000 residential units that have sold or converted into condominium ownership and boosted the local value of the neighborhood.



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