Alexander Scharf – The Triple Net Lease

Alexander Scharf has been in business for himself for many years now, and has built a successful enterprise that includes many real estate properties. He is proud of his many satisfied partners and investors, who view him as an honest and experienced businessman.

Alexander Scharf owns and operates six Independent Luxury Senior Residences in and around New York City. He is also the Vice President of the Lloyd Capital Corporation, an SBIC providing loans and equity to small businesses.

Recently, Alexander Scharf launched a fund to invest in NNN properties nationwide. In the real estate business, NNN, or Triple Net Lease, is a term that signifies a lease structure in which the tenant is responsible for some or all of the common expenses that are related to owning the property, in addition to the rent fee applied under the lease. The structure of a Net Lease, says Alexander Scharf, requires the lessee to pay the net real estate taxes on the property that is being leased; to pay net building insurance,; and to pay net common area maintenance. In other words, he says, the lessee pays the net amount on three different costs, which is how it came to be known as Triple Net, or NNN.

The Triple Net Lease, says Alexander Scharf, has been referred to by some wags as the “hell or high water” lease.

Alexander Scharf also owns and operates two affordable extended-stay hotels in New York City. He is a vigorous and athletic man and very active in his community, serving on the board of many Jewish communal, educational, and good Samaritan organizations.



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