Alexander Scharf – Inspirational Speaker

Alexander Scharf is a New York businessman with many successful real estate business ventures to his credit. He has renovated and rehabilitated many blighted Manhattan apartment buildings, and founded and then expanded the Esplanade chain of luxury residences for seniors.

Alexander Scharf is also a sought-after inspirational speaker. And he thinks that there is a huge difference between a good inspirational speaker and a great one.

Alexander Scharf draws on his many years of experience in the business world when he delivered carefully crafted messages to audiences of younger business people eager to learn from his experience. But he says that a great inspirational speaker will do more than just share entertaining anecdotes, informative as they might be. The truly great inspirational speaker will present a detailed and clear plan that listeners can take and make their own, and execute to their benefit.

He also says that it is important to deliver a message that addresses, at least in some small way, the aspirations of each of his listeners. Alexander Scharf says that too often, stories of accomplishment by many inspirational speakers are so exceptional that the personal goals of his listeners might seem commonplace or even trivial in comparison. Alexander Scharf relies on his ability to reach almost every one of his listeners on an individual level, which gives his message greater impact and makes listener goals seem more achievable.

The truly great inspirational speaker, Alexander Scharf believes, do not merely educate an audience. He or she will create change by influencing the thoughts and emotions of the listener and inspire them to be the best that they can be. And they do this – Alexander Scharf does this – by being genuine; by being at his best when he is interacting with others.



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