Jewish Contemporary Music With Alexander Scharf

Alexander Scharf, is familiar with many aspects of contemporary Jewish music. As a composer and producer, Alexander Scharf continuously builds upon his interest and knowledge-base in Alexander Scharf is also a performer of his work.

The arena of contemporary Jewish music is vast, according to Mark Kligman, a Jewish ethnomusicologist who says that Jewish music is inclusive of numerous styles and genres ‘. . . including music for the synagogue, folk and popular music on religious themes, Yiddish songs, klezmer music, Israeli music, and art music by serious composers’.

Alexander Scharf is a successful real estate businessman who earned his BA from Bernard Burch University in New York City, New York. Most of Alexander Scharf efforts are spent in his career as a leading real estate owner, operator, and investor. However, when he’s not busy with work, Alexander Scharf spends much of his time composing, producing, and performing contemporary Jewish music.

Alexander Scharf spends much of his free time working on music as a composer, producer, and performer of original Jewish contemporary music. Alexander Scharf possesses extensive knowledge of music literature, especially as it pertains to contemporary Jewish music.

Alexander Scharf serves on the board of numerous Jewish communal, educational, and good Samaritan organizations. His involvement in these organizations has been of great benefit to many, and continues to have a resonating and positive influence on their members. Alexander Scharf gets much fulfillment from his community and charitable involvement, and is always interested in making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.



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