On The Go, With Alexander Scharf

Alexander Scharf has always been known to friends and family as a bundle of energy. During his early childhood years, Alexander Scharf was quite an energetic young champ, according to his family members. Today, Alexander Scharf continues to be a high-energy individual. Alexander Scharf is a highly successful business professional in the world of real estate, investing, and hospitality. There are a variety of tasks that Alexander Scharf is responsible for on a daily basis due to his career, which, in addition to his extra-curricular activities and interests, amounts to what might seem like an out of this world amount of items to attend to. However, day in and day out, Alexander Scharf meets the demands of his full schedule. Alexander Scharf most recently has launched a new fund to invest in NNN leased properties nationwide. NNN leased investments are generally considered to be highly risk-averse investments and sources of attractive cash flow and significant returns on investment. Alexander Scharf is the operator of 6 Independent Luxury Senior Residences and owns and operates 2 highly successful affordable extended day hotels located in NYC. When not busy with operating one of his real estate ventures, managing investments, or other work, Alexander Scharf can often be found participating in one of his hobbies. Alexander Scharf is an avid composer, producer and performer of contemporary Jewish music. Also, Alexander Scharf enjoys collecting art and is an active art scene fan in the city of New York. He has a deep appreciation for both the New York Art Scene and the many artists it is comprised of.



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